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Reliable Cleaning & Pumping Services In Central Indiana

At Happy & Clean Septic Rescue, we offer both septic tank pumping and cleaning in Muncie, IN, as well as the surrounding areas. Come to us if you are looking for a dependable provider who you can rely on for any future septic services. Septic tank cleaning is a service that needs to be completed on a regular basis, or else waste will clog your septic system. We want to help you avoid the worst-case scenario: costly repairs and smelly septic failures in your backyard.

A professional technician from Happy & Clean Septic Rescue will advise you on the frequency needed for septic pumping or cleaning. Some say cleaning should happen every two to five years, but it varies depending on the household. While cleaning at regular intervals is important, it does lower the levels of bacteria present in your septic tank that can break down the waste. If cleaning happens too frequently, the tank will not have the base levels of bacteria present for proper functionality.

Septic Tank Cleaning Vs. Pumping

While we’re using the terms cleaning and pumping relatively interchangeably, they do refer to different processes. Learn a little more about each below.

Septic Tank Pumping

Pumping removes the liquid and solids that are floating at the top of the tank. This is achieved by inserting a vacuum hose attached to a septic truck into your septic tank. The hose sucks up the liquid and any scum at the top of the tank.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank cleaning in Muncie, IN refers to the process of removing all liquid from the tank and clearing away the compacted sludge at the bottom. This achieves a more thorough and lasting clean than pumping. It is performed through a process that is essentially the same as pumping.

Why Are Cleaning & Pumping So Important?

When you don’t have septic tank cleaning or pumping in Muncie, IN performed at the correct intervals, disastrous blockages and overflows may occur. If the sludge at the bottom of the tank rises too much, it will overflow into the drain field, which may clog your pipes, sometimes resulting in wastewater backup in your home. Slow pipes may also be indicative of a septic tank in desperate need of cleaning.

How To Keep Your Septic Tank In Good Condition

To keep your septic system running as expected, remember to watch what you flush and wash down the drain. While it may seem like a small choice in the moment, washing items like coffee grounds, grease, or animal fats down the drain could lead to ongoing blockages or burst septic lines.

Composting food waste is a good way to avoid the problems mentioned above. You will go longer without needing to have septic tank cleaning or pumping in Muncie, IN if you don’t wash food scraps down the kitchen drain.

If you do notice a backup or slow drains, call us at (765) 542-5440 rather than attempting to fix the problem yourself. Chemical drain cleaners – the sort you can buy yourself at the store – actually kill off the bacteria in your septic tank, reducing its efficacy and, in some cases, making it fail entirely.

The more you do to maintain your septic tank on your own, the less likely it is you will need pumping or cleaning on a frequent basis. We are always happy to provide you with tips to better take care of your septic system.