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Happy & Clean Septic Rescue is here to save the day! Our full-service septic company in Muncie, IN provides care to customers throughout central and eastern Indiana. We offer standard maintenance services, like inspections, cleaning, and pumping, as well as repairs, installations, replacements. Whether you own a home or a business, Happy & Clean Septic Rescue is on the case.

Your septic system requires ongoing service, especially if you’d like to avoid the need for future costly repairs. A ruptured septic system or one that fails to drain properly is a worst-case scenario, which we help you avoid by providing dedicated, detail-oriented maintenance. And, if you do encounter an emergency scenario, our team will be there as soon as we can to remedy the problem.

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The health of your home’s septic system matters. A septic system is a wastewater treatment device that consists of a pipe, a tank, and a drainfield. All of these components are underground, so it is easy to miss small problems if you don’t have your septic tank and line regularly inspected.

Septic systems are most commonly installed in exurban and rural areas, where municipal sewer systems are difficult to access. Over 60 million people in the United States live in homes with septic systems and around one-third of new construction includes septic tanks (or other similar treatment strategies). This means that there’s a good chance you have a septic system in your yard and you’ll need a regular partner for septic services in Muncie or nearby. Happy & Clean Septic Rescue is your source for reliable service and outstanding customer care in Central and Eastern Indiana.

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Having your septic tank pumped or cleaned by a professional is a key part of regular septic care. This should happen every three to five years to avoid blockages and malfunctions. Both septic pumping and cleaning can only be performed by technicians who have trucks with vacuum equipment that will remove material from your septic tank.
Our trained technicians at Happy & Clean Septic Rescue are ready and willing to perform any necessary repairs and maintenance on your septic system. Whether your septic line suffers from intruding tree roots or your tank no longer functions because the bacteria inside were killed off by harsh chemicals, we’ll help get it back in order.

Need a replacement septic tank? Installing a septic tank for the first time? We’ve got you covered with our top-notch septic services in Muncie, IN. We offer standard septic system installations as well as lift stations and pumps. We will work with you to determine the best solution for decentralized waste management for your property.

Your septic system should be inspected once every two to three years. This ensures that your chosen septic company in Muncie knows when it’s time to pump your septic tank, and it also allows us to identify any weaknesses or areas in need of repair. In time, we’ll give you the needed guidance to improve your septic system’s performance.

Do you own a business in central or east central Indiana? Our septic services in Muncie also include offerings for commercial properties. Our expertise extends to the types of septic systems needed to support more complex needs and larger spaces. Contact us today to learn about what Happy & Clean Septic Rescue can do for your business.

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From cleaning to replacement, we care for the full life-cycle of the septic system. Whatever the problem, we have solutions.

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At Happy & Clean Septic Rescue, we understand the urgency of septic repairs and other concerns. Count on us to respond fast.

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Our mission is to serve our customers, not just with quality repairs and cleaning, but also with a friendly, personal touch.

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Expect reasonable pricing with every septic service in Muncie. We do our best to communicate the cost of a project upfront.

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While our home base is in Muncie, IN, we also service Anderson and everywhere in between in Central Indiana. Muncie is a relatively young area, with a median age of about 28 in the city itself, and we love making long-term partnerships with residents who rely on us to maintain their septic systems, from the first purchase of their home through its sale. Here is a list of cities we serve: