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Septic Services For Commercial Properties

When you need commercial septic services in Muncie, IN or the surrounding areas, Happy & Clean Septic Rescue is here for you! We offer support to businesses in Central and East Central Indiana, from septic inspections to full-scale installations. When you own a business in an area without a central sewer system, you need a way to manage and treat wastewater. Septic systems are the primary option, with both conventional and alternative solutions available. Whether you own a condo building, an office building, or a warehouse facility, we will provide you with specialized services designed for commercial properties.

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Our Commercial Services

We offer the following commercial septic services in Muncie, IN to property managers of businesses of all kinds:

Why Hire A Commercial Septic Company

A commercial septic company in Muncie, IN will be able to offer you an improved level of service compared to a company that solely focuses on residential septic systems (and especially compared to DIY solutions). Here are a few of the reasons why:

Personalized Service

We tailor our services to the needs of your business. Different businesses and properties have different requirements, depending on the number of employees or tenants occupying the building, the soil type, ecological and environmental considerations, the topography, and more.


Commercial septic systems are often more complex and built to handle much more waste than a standard residential system. At Happy & Clean Septic Rescue, we understand how to work with these larger systems.

Lift Stations & Pump Systems

We also specialize in lift station and pump system services. These components are often installed to help commercial septic systems function properly on ground that is not suited for drainage via gravity.

Trained & Experienced

Relying on DIY solutions for your business is never a good idea. Even something as simple as a liquid drain cleaner can kill the bacteria in your septic tank and destroy its ability to break down waste. It’s safer to trust an expert professional for your commercial septic services in Muncie, IN and avoid pricey repairs.

Schedule On Your Time

We work hard with businesses to fulfill all of their septic needs, including convenient scheduling. We’ll coordinate to avoid disrupting your business and perform repairs, maintenance, and other services at times that work for you.

Ongoing Relationship

It’s important to us that we maintain relationships with our customers. As a local septic company in East Central Indiana, we hope to provide routine septic services to other businesses in the area, continuing our support for years to come. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you and your business today!