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Thorough Septic Inspections, From The Tank To The Drain Field

Septic systems are convenient for those who live in rural, exurban, and even suburban communities without access to a municipal sewer line. However, they do require frequent care and inspections to ensure they are working properly. Happy & Clean Septic Rescue offers high-quality septic inspections in Muncie, IN and other parts of Central Indiana, so you can rest assured that your wastewater management system will not fail you.

When a septic system does fail, the results can be costly and catastrophic. Nobody wants to see sewage backing up into their drains and toilets or smell awful waste odors in their backyard. Regular inspections are the best way to avoid costly repairs and even the full replacement of your septic system. If we can catch the first signs of a leak or blockage fast, we’ll be able to repair it before it escalates.

What Does A Septic Inspection Include?

There are two parts to a standard septic system inspection in Muncie, IN. The first is a visual inspection. During this section, a professional from Happy & Clean Septic Rescue will locate your septic tank and drain field and check the area above them for soggy ground, lush grass, or other signs of leaks. The technician will also flush toilets and run faucets to ensure nothing is clogging and the water flows as expected.

The second part of an inspection involves auditing the septic system directly. We check the tank, the distribution box, and the leach field (otherwise known as the drain field). Our goal is to identify any potential ways in which wastewater will leak or the system will become clogged. A septic tank can develop holes or weak points where leaks occur. The distribution box is a component between the septic tank and the drain field, which helps water flow properly into the drain field and can become blocked. We open up the lid of the tank and begin our practical septic inspection in Muncie, IN from there.

When Should I Get A Septic Inspection?

It is recommended that you get your septic system inspected at least once every three years. Conventional systems that rely on gravity to drain and do not have a history of problems can be inspected on the three-year timeline. However, if your septic system is an alternative one or it contains additional features like float switches or pumps, it will need to be inspected once a year. This is why it is so important to develop a relationship with a septic company you trust, like Happy & Clean Septic Rescue, so you can consistently work with the same business year after year for septic inspections in Muncie, IN.

Note that you will also want an inspection when you buy a new house or property with a waste management system already installed. Avoid costly replacements in the first few years by confirming the septic system is in good working condition when you purchase a new property.